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Automatic Cement Compression & Flexure Testing Machines

Automatic Cement Compression & Flexure Testing Machines

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Automatic Cement Compression & Flexure Testing Machines


Product  Code

Product Description


250 kN Automatic Cement Compression Testing Machine 220-240 V 50-60 Hz


250 kN Automatic Cement Compression Testing Machine 110 V 60 Hz


15/250 kN Automatic Cement Flexure/Compression

Testing Machine 220-240 V 50-60 Hz


15/250 kN Automatic Cement Flexure/Compression Testing Machine 110 V 60 Hz


Upper Loading Platen with Ball Seating Assembly Ø:165 mm and Lower Loading Platen, Ø:165 mm


Flexure Jig Assembly to test 40x40x160 mm mortar prisms,ASTM


Flexure Jig Assembly to test 40x40x160 mm mortar prisms, EN


Compression Jig Assembly to test 50 mm (2”) mortar cubes, ASTM


Compression Jig Assembly to test portions of 40x40x160 mm mortar prisms, EN


Compression Jig Assembly BS, to test 70,7 mm mortar cubes


STANDARDS  : EN 196-1, 459-2, 1015-11, 13454-2; ASTM C109, C348, C349; BS 3892-1, 4551-1


Automatic range of single testing chamber and double testing chamber compression and flexure testing machines have been designed for reliable and consistent testing of mortar samples.


Compression and flexture jigs, distance pieces, and also removable transparent front-rear safety doors (should be factory installed) should be ordered separately.


The Automatic cement compression and flexure testing machines allow less experienced operators to perform the tests. Once the machine has been switched on and the specimen is positioned and centered by the help of centering apparatus. The only required operations are;

Setting test parameters, including pace rate  (only required when the specimen type is changed.)

Choosing the compression or flexure frame by using  the changeover valve.

Pressing the START button on the control unit.

The machine automatically starts the rapid approach; switches the test speed after 1% of the load capacity of the machine and stops once the specimen failure.

Automatically saves the test parameters and test results.

The automatic cement compression and flexure testing machines consist of very rigid two column single or double chamber frames, automatic hydraulic power pack with data acquisition and control system


Power Pack

Automatic Hydraulic Power Pack, dual stage, controlled by  is designed to supply the required oil to the load frames for loading. Very silent power pack can load the specimen between 50 N/sec to 2.4 kN/sec with an accuracy of ±5%. A Rapid approach pump is supplied as standard. Safety valve (maximum pressure valve) is used to avoid machine overloading.



The motor which drives the dual pump is an AC motor, 380 V, 50-60 Hz, 3 phase, 1 hp and 0.75 kW and it is controlled by Omron J7 motor inverter. The variation in the oil flow is executed with the variation of the rotation speed of the motor.


Distribution Block

A distribution block is used to control the oil flow direction supplied by the dual stage pump, the following parts are fitted to the distribution block;

a - Solenoid valve

b - Safety valve (maximum pressure valve)

c - Transducer

d - Low pressure gear pump

e - High pressure radial piston pump


Dual Stage Pump

The dual stage pump is formed by two groups;

  1-Low pressure gear pump

2-High pressure radial piston pump.

On the dual stage pump, a high delivery, low pressure gear pump is used for rapid approach, while a low delivery, high pressure radial piston pump is used for test execution. The Rapid approach facility shortens the time interval from piston start until the upper platen touches to the specimen. This excellent feature helps to save a lot of time when a large number of specimens are going to be tested.


Oil Tank

The tank includes enough oil to fill the mechanism which pushes the ram during the test. The level and oil temperature can be seen on the indicator fitted to the tank. It has 20 L capacity. Hydraulic motor oil, number 46, must be used.



360x380x900 mm

Weight (approx.)

80 kg


750 W

TFT  Unit

TFT unit is designed to control the machine and processing of data from load-cells and pressure transducers which are fitted to the machine.

All the operations of TFT  are controlled from the front panel consisting of a 800x480 pixel 65535 color resistive touch screen display and function keys 2 analogue channels are provided for load-cells or pressure transducers.


TFT unit has easy to use menu options. It displays all menu option listings simultaneously, allowing the operator to access the required option in a seemless manner to activate the option or enter a numeric value to set the test parameters.


TheTFT  digital graphic display is able to draw real-time "Load vs. Time", or "Stress vs. Time" graphics.TFT unit offers many addition unique features. You can save more than 10000 test results in its internal memory. TFT  unit has support for various off-the-shelf USB printers, supporting both inkjet and laser printers. Thanks to its built-in internet protocol suite, every aspect of BC100 device can be controlled remotely from anywhere around the world.

Main Features

·         Pace rate control from 50 N/sec to 2,4 kN/sec depending on piston size

·         Can control 2 frames

·         Can make test with load control.

·         Real time display of test graph.

·         CPU card with 32-bit ARM RISC architecture

·         Permanent storage capacity up to 10000 test results

·         2 analog channels for different frame load cells

·         Programmable digital gain adjustment for load-cell

·         1 / 256000 points resolution per channel

·         10 data per second sample rate for each channel

·         Ethernet connecting for computer interface

·         800x480 resolution 65535 color TFT-LCD industrial touchscreen

·         4 main function keys

·         Multi-language support

·         3 different unit system selection; kN, Ton and lb

·         Real-time clock and date

·         Test result visualization and memory management interface

·         Remote connection through ethernet

·         USB flash disc for importing test results and for firmware

·         USB printer support for inkjet and laser printers

·         Camera support for real-time video recording during test

·         Free of charge PC software for the test control and advanced report generation

Technical Specifications

Product Code



Test Type





250 kN

15 kN

250 kN

Class 1 Measuring Range

2.5 to 250 kN

0.5 to 15 kN

2.5 to 250 kN

The roughness value for texture of loading and auxiliary platens


≤3.2 μm


≤3.2 μm


≤3.2 μm

Lower Platen Dimensions

165 mm

165 mm

165 mm

Upper Platen Dimensions

165 mm

165 mm

165 mm

Maximum Vertical Clearance Between Platens


263 mm


263 mm


263 mm

Piston Diameter

160 mm

80 mm

160 mm

Maximum Piston Movement

50 mm

50 mm

50 mm

Horizontal Clearance

300 mm

200 mm

300 mm


750 W

750 W

Oil Capacity

20 L

20 L

Maximum Working Pressure

125 bar

30 bar

125 bar

Rapid Approach Rate

50 mm/min

80 mm/min

50 mm/min

Dimensions (WxLxH)

830x500x1650 mm

1050x500x1650 mm


265 kg

410 kg

Maximum horizontal clearance for placing sample is limited with the border of the platens. Sample must be placed such that its ends will not overlap the ends of platens and it must be centered perfectly. The suitable vertical clearance for specimen can be adjusted with distance pieces.


Safety Features

·         Maximum pressure valves to avoid machine overloading

·         Piston travel limit switch

·         Emergency stop button

·         Software controlled maximum load value



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Automatic Cement Compression & Flexure Testing Machines
Automatic Cement Compression & Flexure Testing Machines
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